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Monthly Coupon Codes for CUT CLUB

Simply text DCCOUPON to 85775 and we will send a text message containing that week's code

Special deals and promotions at your local store.

Simply text one of the following codes to 85775 and we will send text message containing special promotions that are good at all stores or at your local store.


DCUTS - General List

DCUTS1 - Bountiful 

DCUTS3 - Clinton

DCUTS4 - Farmington

DCUTS5 - Layton 1 (Fairfield Rd.)

DCUTS7 - Syracuse

DCUTS8 - Avenues (SLC)

DCUTS11 - Rose Park

DCUTS14 - West Jordon

DCUTS15 - West Valley

DCUTS17 - Highland 

DCUTS18 - Orem

DCUTS20 - Provo

DCUTS21 - Saratoga Springs

DCUTS22 - Brigham City

DCUTS23 - Logan

DCUTS24 - Ogden 1 (12th St.)

DCUTS25 - Ogden 2 (Harrison Blvd.)

DCUTS26 - Roy

DCUTS27 - St. George

DCUTS30 - Idaho Falls