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Franchise Information

Founded in 1989 by Scott Wood, Dollar Cuts opened the doors of its first salon in Bountiful Utah . As a former stockbroker, Scott was always on the look-out for new business ideas and opportunities. He was a regular customer of a local “Barber Shop” that only offered inexpensive haircuts. The shop was so busy that he was occasionally turned away. Scott saw great opportunity in this business model and developed a business plan inspired by his experience with the “Barber Shop” that laid the groundwork for the first Dollar Cuts salon. The introduction of Dollar Cuts brought a revolutionary new brand of salon where men, women and children could walk in without an appointment and get a great new look, at a great price. Since that day, Dollar Cuts has grown into the largest privately-held full-service salon chain in Utah with stores throughout the state, as well as Idaho Falls .

Please contact Scott Wood for inquiries on opening a Dollar Cuts salon of your own.

Scott Wood - Owner
Corporate Office
(801) 676-6006

The original Dollar Cuts Store - 1989

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